Quin Delaney

Broken man hiding from the terrors in the dark


Quin dresses in shabby brown and grey clothes, some his brothers, others from thrift stores. He shaves only often enough to avoid growing a beard. His mopey demeanor is betrayed by darting eyes as he is constantly surveying for unseen danger.

Quin spends his days working in his brother’s junkyard either pulling pieces to fill orders or tinkering with spare parts. He avoids people as much as possible with the exception of his brother.

Virtue: Righteous
Vice: Hateful of monsters that hunt humans
Concept: Hunter overcomes personal terror to root out evil

Nature: Quin is currently battered and broken. He has all the makings of a dedicated hunter and defender of the innocent but these pieces are scattered and drowned in an emotional sea of terror and self-doubt. To become whole Quin must confront his demons and defeat them. A little dose of victory will bolster him and set him on his way to achieving his potential.

Short term Aspirations:

Explore a dangerous place alone – Quin feels heavy the invisible eyes of monsters on him. Every day he fears being stolen away and locked up again. His brother’s conspiracy rantings have only heightened these fears. Quin feels most terrified when he is alone. No one came searching for him when he was abducted and he fears most disappearing without a trace.

Save or rescue an innocent – Quin is beginning to make the transition from hunted to hunter. No longer content to hide and survive he is motivated to stop these horrible things from happening to others.

Long term Aspiration:

Kill a supernatural monster – ultimately to gain power over his fears Quin needs to realize that the monsters that terrorize him are defeatable. Not just defeatable but destroyable. He has to learn that the power to secure his safety is within his own hands.

Fulfilled Aspirations:

Put trust in someone besides his brother – Previously a reasonably social guy Quin has been isolating from people since his escape. Hiding out with Rodney in the junkyard and even avoiding most customers when he can.


Recent Past:
Quin was working as a paramedic when about a year ago he was abducted on the job by a vampire and imprisoned as cattle for the feeding of his captor’s nest. There were five or six vampires in the nest, Quin was never quite sure. The memories of that time are murky as they are made up of long stretches of boredom mixed with brief periods of terror. The actual feeding was blissful but that only made the moments before and after it all the more terrible. When not needed the cattle, that is what the vampires referred to them as, spent their days and nights confined to a basement watching TV or reading. The number changed but at it’s highest there were seven of them. Two were killed during feedings and another died under Quin’s medical care of complications from an infection that could have been easily treated had antibiotics been available. Six months into his captivity the nest of vampires was attacked. It was shortly after dawn. There was bullets, blood, inhuman screaching and fire. Quin and the four others with him were pulled from their basement dungeon and told to stay put under a carport. What happened to the others Quin doesn’t know but he ran. It was many weeks before he was able to work up the nerve to try to remember that night. Looking through old newspapers all he was able to find was a short blurb noting a residential house fire, a common enough occurrence in Detroit. Since gaining his freedom Quin has been a wreck. He is living with his half brother Rodney helping out at the large junkyard Rodney owns and operates. Quin can barely do that and a trip to the grocery store alone is a challenge for him.

Raised by his Irish father and mother Quin was an only child the first part of his life. As a child he learned Gaelic from his grandmother, she said it was the true language of the long dead fey. To this day he still writes his journal and poems in Gaelic. When Quin was 7 his mother died and his father married his long time mistress, a black woman named Suzette whom he had already had a child with (Rodney). Suzette and Quin’s father raised the two boys for a few years but the peace didn’t last long. His father beat Suzette and sometimes the boys. Quin was at school the day his father finally killed Suzette. His father went to prison, Rodney went to live with family friends, and at the age of 14 Quin was sent to foster care. Quin bounced around a handful of foster homes getting in frequent fights until being turned out on his own when he turned 18. His grand plans to go to med school compromised into becoming a paramedic. As a paramedic he worked the streets of Detroit for 7 years full time, often taking extra shifts. He learned the hard way where and when he could be useful and how to avoid the worst dangers of the city.

Quin Delaney

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