Owner/operator of Manny's Salvage. Quin's half-brother


People who’ve just met Rodney come away thinking he’s kind of an asshole. Those who get to know him usually don’t think that highly of him. Rodney is opinionated and generally insufferable. He has a strong suspicious streak bordering on paranoia and has a general disdain for anyone who doesn’t see the world his way. Rodney spends his days in the junkyard office listening to AM talk radio and shortwave conspiracy radio shows. While the office has a computer Rodney uses for inventory and accounting he keeps it offline except to do ordering. Rodney refuses to tell people his last name, becoming hostile if pushed. Rodney is mostly gruff and sometimes abusive with his half brother Quin and resents his “cushy” foster home experiences often bringing that up. In truth Quin is the only person Rodney loves in the world and he is intensely loyal to him, probably because Quin is the only one who puts up with him. Rodney owns and operates Manny’s Salvage (there never has been a Manny, the name is part of Rodney’s paranoia). Aside from normal junkyard operations Rodney provides occasional services to various criminals up to and including body disposal for the right price. Quin knows about this and doesn’t like it at all.



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