Locations of Note

Arts and Recreation
Comerica Park
Home of the Detroit Tigers, and an outdoor venue for larger concerts in Detroit.
Detroit Institute of Arts
The DIA holds art from all around the world, and hosts many social gatherings.
Detroit Zoo
The Detroit Zoo is shrinking to a shadow of it’s glory days. Abandoned pens are scattered among occupied habitats. Visitors report hearing strange growls and howling still coming from long closed exhibits.
Hart Plaza
The popular site for free outdoor concerts and festivals, sitting right on the Detroit river, across from Windsor, Ontario.
Olympia Town
An area of Detroit where all the venues are owned and run by Olympia Entertainment.
Tiger Stadium
The hulking shell of the former Tigers’ home is now empty. Its innards stripped by scrappers and vandals, and now it’s home to vagrants and criminals.

Theatres, Casinos:
Fox Theatre
An indoor venue for plays and concerts. Elegance and history line it’s walls


Greektown Casino
The only still standing casino in Detroit, after the others had gone out of business and still stand as husks of their former glory. It operates twenty-four hours a day, with people bustling in and out constantly.
MGM Grand
The first luxury hotel casino in a major metropolitan area outside of Las Vegas. Has hosted Ashanti, Kid Rock, Detroit socialites, and fireworks. Attracts super-sized crowds.
Motor City Casino
The complex houses a 100,000 square- foot casino with approximately 3,000 slot machines, 59 table games, and two poker rooms; D. Tour, a 13,000-square-foot spa with thermal whirlpools, steam rooms, and dry saunas; 67,000 square feet of meeting and convention space; Sound Board, a live music theater with a capacity of 2,400 people; and a luxury hotel with 400 guest rooms and suites. Interested in anything else? Inquire within.
State Theatre
The venue temporarily named “The Fillmore” resides next to the Fox theatre as a smaller concert venue. It still holds events after a firebombing put it into a rebuilding/remodeling phase.

Parks, Wildlife, Untamed or ‘Unused’ Land:
Belle Isle
A 982 acre island park and home to the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory (arboretum and greenhouse) and the Dossin Great Lakes Museum (maritime museum). Lush greenery in stark contrast to the grey city.
Book Tower
An abandoned skyscraper in middle of city. 9th tallest building in city.
Michigan Central Station
Once a bustling train station turned hulking eyesore, the building is under renovation by several companies, but it is unknown for what reason, as no one has laid claim to it.
Campus Martius Park
Campus Martius is the true beginning of Detroit, as it is the point where all of the city’s layout begins. It is a popular meeting place. Sensitives visiting complain the area buzzes with some sort of occult energies.

Minor Locations

  • Nine Pound Ghost – An old, well loved brewery frequented by tourists and a few locals. Occasionally hosts classic rock bands.
  • Dusty Rose – Punk Irish bar. Rose is an ancient looking woman with most of her teeth. Local legend is she was “quite the looker in her day” but just when her day was is open to wild speculation. Good place to recruit hired muscle, no questions asked.
  • Labyrinth – An alternative/industrial dance club in the Leland Hotel. It gets its namesake from the maze which many patrons pass through to indulge in their vices.
  • Bohemia – the general name for an unlicensed, underground jazz scene that circulates through a few neighborhoods. Heroin, marijuana and booze flow freely.

Locations of Note

Detroit Heart of Darkness signcontrast