Melissa "Missy" Guin

friend to Berkeley and Lisette


Everybody in the local street punk scene knows Missy despite her never seeming to be around much. She will go to the occasional party or gathering but doesn’t stick around too long. She is friendly, and but not gregarious. She prefers one on one conversations to big crowds. Everyone loves her and speaks nothing but good things about her.

Missy has been wheel chair bound since a childhood accident. She gets around quite well but this constrains what she can do, and limits her ability to do much urban exploration. Missy doesn’t seem to have a job but seems to have enough to meet her modest expenses. Her apartment is stacked with tall bookcases, many of the titles in French and German.

Missy met Lisette, lost and confused on the streets of Detroit in the summer of 2013. She let her crash at her place and shortly after introduced her to Berkeley when she asked him to help out an ex-boyfriend Jim Dyers who had been arrested for trying to break into the Detroit Institute of Art. Lisette and Berkeley bailed Jim out of jail only to find he had been infected with an assortment of insects which eventually spilled out, killing him in his apartment.


Character pic is Love Will Tear Us Apart by Elentori at DeviantArt

Melissa "Missy" Guin

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