Arthur "Skeletor" Skelskie

Berkeley's Skating Buddy


Skeletal white man in his 20’s, with slightly anxious habits. Occasionally he’ll twitch slightly, look to the side, take a quick drag from his clove, stuff his hands in his tight jean pockets. His punk rock and goth affectations can sometimes make him off-putting to the banal and secluded. His piercings, rigid mohawk, and upside down ankh earrings can make a mall-rat nervous – which is what he wants of course. But really Arthur is a pacifist who just wants to belong.


His friendship with Berkeley feels a little like belonging, but they only occasionally see each other. They like some of the same skating locations – the more accepted locales that don’t require B&E, and that local police rarely care about.

Although a nervous chap, Arthur can really get going when he talks about punk music – both new and old. Sometimes he’ll invite Berkeley to an upcoming show, or tell him about one of the punk dive’s that occasional open up for temporary business until the scene dies away.

Once or twice Berkeley’s let him listen to an electronic composition in-the-making, and he’s absolutely loved it. “It’s like Skinny Puppy man! Only better! More Detroit!”

Arthur "Skeletor" Skelskie

Detroit Heart of Darkness signcontrast