Cosmological Underpinnings

Existence is made up of a myriad of universes. Beyond/above/outside these universes is an unknowable realm known as the Source. Nothing comes in and out of this realm except souls which enter and leave this realm. What happens within is unknown and unknowable.

Within or outside this Source realm, depending on perspective are scattered the Universes or Dimensions of which ours is just one. Each universe is constrained by the physics of that Universe which can be quite different from other Universes. Each created by a different entity, for all practical purposes let’s call these Gods with a capitol G as they create entire universes. These entities are so immense and cosmic that they really have no relations or communication with the things inside their universes. They are the universe.
Our God was consumed by the creation of our universe. Maybe our god was young, too ambitious, or just clumsy. Or maybe this is just what happens when a universe is created. Our God’s death was not immediate, indeed it created our Space and Time and so exists within and through it. Somewhere in it’s death throes it created other entities, servants of it’s will that awaken when conditions were aligned. But it’s vision wasn’t perfect and the formulas often become skewed.

Inside a Universe is all we are and and all we know. However sometimes universes can bleed into each other in gates, rifts or pockets. This tends to attract bad things. The chaff of another universe, born of its own laws is nearly always destructive to our own. Despite this some of those things become either trapped or choose to migrate to our realm.

Layered onto the various universes is a shadow membrane separating each from the Source. Souls traveling away from their universe must pass through this Shadow film and usually become stuck for sometime as they slowly filter through. Memories held of them slow this process like a spiritual magnet but all are eventually forgotten and pass on. This Shadow realm knows not the borders of its host universes and mixes freely across them. The result is that the Shadow is filled with all manner of consciousness from thousands of dimensions. A truly sanity breaking place filled with terrors and wonders. The only constant is confusion and darkness.

Cosmological Underpinnings

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